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Genre: Installation (Object, 3D-Animation, Augemented Reality)
Year of Release: 2022 - Espace voltaire, Paris, France

Description: The body serves as a point of departure and destination. This thought of Henry Lefebvre serves as a basis for this work, in which I create a place of departure and arrival with the help of a tent. In this shelter I open with augmented reality a window into another world, in order to create a new perspective on the body and impermanence. more


Entites numerique_v1

Genre: Installation (3D-Animation and Laptop)
Year of Release: 2022 - Studio Otto, Paris, France

Description: I started the Entites numerique series because I asked myself how the computer and the Internet network perceive the outside world, how they interpret our human reality through the images, videos and texts we upload every day. With the help of increasingly (self-learning) artificial intelligences and algorithms that convert text input into images, among other things, one gets a rough idea of how this digital entity perceives. In this work, I went a step further and asked myself what organic life might look like that the computer network would create based on its interpretation of reality. With Entites numerique - variante x0.01z I show the first work of a series that presents possible answers. more



Genre: 3D-Art, Animation
Year of Release: 2021
What else: work in progress

Description: This piece is a part of a new series that deals with the idea that the computer network and the Internet together are a living being, as well an environment in which life forms exists. These life forms were created by the holistic computer being because it wants to find out why and how it's exist. In this project I develop several 3D renders which I combine on a certain point to an animation movie. more


Somnium Space_Quadr

Genre: Digital images / Metaverse
Year of Release: 2021 - Somnium Space

Description: AM I A.I.? is a reflection about the subconsciousness and the dream of an eternal life. more

AM I A.I.?

Genre: A.I.
Year of Release: 2021
Length: forever min

Description: AM I A.I.? is a reflection about the subconsciousness and the dream of an eternal life. more


Genre: Audiovisual Live-Show
Year of Release: 2020
Length: 45 min

Description: For the Ambient-Music-Album Exo of the electronic music producer Bit-Tuner I produced a 3D-animated video. The music influenced by topics like the social and structural turmoils of the past years, the strong connections between communities and the sensation of being in an economic deadlock. For the visual narration I was asking myself: What is it that surrounds us, and how do we approach and interact with forces that are beyond our (apparent) reach? Looking for answers, I invited molecular objects which are propelled into a world similar to ours, where they operate, interact and affect their surroundings, creating and leaving behind something new and strange. Together Bit-Tuner and I produced an audiovisual live-show, in which Bit-Tuner and I can manipulate each medium during the show. The videos you see are extracts of that show which were released as music videos.


Genre: Documentary / Essay
Year of Release: 2019
Length: 6.18 min

Description: The album by Harvey Rushmore & the Octopus tells the story of Futureman. The band has invented a whole universe of inhabitants and stories for this purpose. In this video I tell an excerpt from this world.


Genre: Documentary / Essay
Year of Release: 2018
Length: 46.24 min

Description: Two filmmakers question the comfort zone of Switzerland and travel through Western Europe in a motor home. In their hunt for inspiration, they visit various social groups with different lifestyles. They meet hippies, political activists, vandals, idealists and homeless peo- ple. But after a short time they involuntarily become the protagonists of this film through an unexpected stroke of fate. Completely detached from their accustomed comfort zone, the real adventure begins for them. A film essay about their own dissatisfaction and the eternal search for their perosonal utopia.


Genre: Experimental
Year of Release: 2017
Length: 7.30 min

Description: Fornax Void is an audiovisual project by David Elsener, which is largely influenced by the technology and design of the late 20th century. For this collaboration I chose the Doom Engine, which was used to develop the Game «Doom» until 1993. This game is considered one of the milestones in the field of computer games because of its 3D graphics.


Genre: Music video
Year of Release: 2016
Length: 3.12 min

Description: Sound patterns of shaman rituals were the inspiration for this song. I took up this train of thought from Nachtfux and collected and summarized elements from Ayuasca trip descriptions to create this video.


Genre: Music video
Year of Release: 2013
Length: 3.42 min

Description: The clip was created from two found footage videos: One shows Russian nerve research on animals, the other is a science film about seeing. The music is about the heartbeat.


Genre: Experimental / Essay
Year of Release: 2012
Length: 8.34 min

Description: Heroes. Superheroes. Media ideals. A personal journey to children‘s idols, TV stars and the question why one identifies with clichéd role models, why one lets oneself be shaped by them. An essay, a meditation, a firework of images that takes the filmmaker from the wrestling ring, to a talking car, through the desert to his origin.


Genre: Experimental / Essay
Year of Release: 2011
Length: 5.56 min

Description: A short film which tries to unite contradictions between the use of violence and passive consumption of violence in one film from a subjective point of view. An excursion into a subjective world which often corresponds to the objective world.

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