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Genre: Print
Release: Since 2024

Description: This is a series in which I transfer the digital entities into physical reality in the form of prints. I follow a copy-paste method, a duplication of the same image over and over again to create oversaturation. With this concept, I investigate the influence of the virtual world on physical reality and vice versa. more



Genre: Print
Release: Since 2024




Genre: Video
Release: March 2024

Description: What is there when there is nothing, what do you see when there is nothing to see? This video attempts to find an answer to these two questions by working exclusively with white images that merge with other white ones. more



Genre: Metaverse
Release: April 2024
Description: It's a place for contemplation. At the current state of the metaverse, there is no other choice. No immersion, no transcendental experience. Just introspection, waiting. more



Genre: Sculpture (3D-Videos/Laptops/Computers)
Release: April 2023

Description: The algorithm wants attention. So does the user. This idea is the basis of this work, in which I investigate reciprocal processes and dynamics that can also be transferred to Big Data, religion, and social life. more

LOL Life


Genre: Installation (Photos + Objects)
Release: March 2023

Description: In a world where the internet is our playground and memes are a currency, there is a realm of adorable charm known as kawaii: it‘s a culture of cuteness that permeates everything from fashion to digital art, but amidst the sea of kawaii, there is also a discourse on mental health. In a world where perfection is often curated and people are constantly comparing themselves, its easy to feel overwhelmed and alone. LOL Life creates an approach to this initial position and plays with unpleasant content using endearing images. more



Genre: 3D-Video + Interactive World
Release: May 2023

Description: In an open world environment the player triggers different sounds, so that in each case an individual soundtrack will be created. more

TAMAGOTCHI @ Les aveugles du chateau


Genre: Sculpture (3D-Video/Laptop)
Release: April 2023



Genre: Sculpture (Hardware / 3D-Video)
Release: February 2023

Description: What is the human responsibility for artificially created (partial) intelligences? How would an ideal AGI be designed? What societal values and norms will it be guided by? more



Genre: 3D-Video
Release: 2022

Description: On the basis of a sound design by Steve Buchanan, I have created a digital world that deals with ritual and rhythms. more


Entites numerique_v1

Genre: Installation (3D-Animation and Laptop)
Release: 2022
Where: Studio Otto, Paris (FR)

Description: I started the Entites numerique series because I asked myself how the computer and the Internet network perceive the outside world, how they interpret our human reality through the images, videos and texts we upload every day. With the help of increasingly (self-learning) artificial intelligences and algorithms that convert text input into images, among other things, one gets a rough idea of how this digital entity perceives. In this work, I went a step further and asked myself what organic life might look like that the computer network would create based on its interpretation of reality. With Entites numerique - variante x0.01z I show the first work of a series that presents possible answers. more



Genre: Installation (Object, 3D-Animation, Augemented Reality)
Release: 2022

Description: The body serves as a point of departure and destination. This thought of Henry Lefebvre serves as a basis for this work, in which I create a place of departure and arrival with the help of a tent. In this shelter I open with augmented reality a window into another world, in order to create a new perspective on the body and impermanence. more



Genre: Audiovisual Live-Show
Release: 2020
Length: 45 min

Description: For the Ambient-Music-Album Exo of the electronic music producer Bit-Tuner I produced a 3D-animated video. The music influenced by topics like the social and structural turmoils of the past years, the strong connections between communities and the sensation of being in an economic deadlock. For the visual narration I was asking myself: What is it that surrounds us, and how do we approach and interact with forces that are beyond our (apparent) reach? Looking for answers, I invited molecular objects which are propelled into a world similar to ours, where they operate, interact and affect their surroundings, creating and leaving behind something new and strange. Together Bit-Tuner and I produced an audiovisual live-show, in which Bit-Tuner and I can manipulate each medium during the show. The videos you see are extracts of that show which were released as music videos. more


Genre: Experimental / Essay
Release: 2011
Length: 5.56 min

Description: A short film which tries to unite contradictions between the use of violence and passive consumption of violence in one film from a subjective point of view. An excursion into a subjective world which often corresponds to the objective world.

last update: April 22 2024